Best Home Remedies For Dandruff

Now day’s dandruff is a big issue and lots of people are facing this problem. Nobody wants dandruff because it downs our beauty. Especially in winter season people takes much stress about dandruff and then they use very luxury and expensive products. If you are worry about dandruff and you want to get rid of it then today Bollyberg.com is telling you here some best home remedies which will finish your dandruff.

1) Egg is very effective for hair and people utilize it as a conditioner. Beat two eggs and then apply it on your hair and scalp and then leave for an hour. After one hour wash your hair with normal water and then you will get dandruff free hair.
2) Take beetroot juice and add in it few drops of vinegar and ginger juice and then apply it on your scalp. It will give you very good result and you will get rid of dandruff hair.
3) Baking soda as well very beneficial for hair. Add spoon of baking soda to a handful shampoo. It will give you very good and effective result.
4) Mix water and vinegar in an equally amount and apply it on your hair and scalp and leave for the night. In the morning wash your hair with fresh water. It will give you amazing result.
These are considered the best natural ways. If you will follow them then you will get rid of dandruff in few days. Also share this useful information with your friends and dear ones. Visit here daily and get through us best beauty tips and tricks and get lots of benefits.

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