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Beauty & Health Tips

Weight Loss Tips

weight loose tips

Every men and women wants to look slim and smart. Fatty people always face troubles because fat body always gives us different diseases. We should always control our diet and eat those things which are suitable for us and suitable for our body. If your body is fatty and you want to decrease your weight then follow these tips:

Always take protein goods.
Take one or two apple regularly.
Don’t take fast food and cold drinks.
Do exercise daily 30 to 60 min.
Exercise and running is very essential for weight loss.
Take one plate salad in a day.
If you follow these tips then you will lose weight 5 to 10 kg in one month.

10 tips for beautiful skin

10 tips for beautiful skin
1st Regular cleansing
In a daily routine 3 to 4 times wash your skin with some special face wash.
2nd cleansing milk instead of water
Water alone is not only valuable for your skin. You should utilize milk with water. Rub the milk on skin with fingers.
3rd face water builds
Face water helps to go faster the re-enactment phase of the acid mantle, which needs cleaning after a generally 20-30 minutes.
4th for sensitive or dry skin toner without alcohol
You should use toner without alcohol. It will never make your skin dry.
5th rosy complexion by exfoliating
Scales build the skin look clear. Is tailored to your skin type this flaking away dead skin cells without infuriating the skin & stimulates blood circulation.
6th masks
The result of masks is straight away visible through masks with high moisture content; the skin becomes fresh & smoother. Masks of chamomile and lemon balm calm sensitive skin.
7th night creams support regeneration

on the night of the renewal procedure is in full swing. Night creams hold up the regeneration of the skin.
8th Expiry
Partial constancy of creams must note Printed end dates apply to unopened creams.
9th yourself sleep beautifully
Minimum complete your sleep 6 hour every day.
10th Drink plenty of water
Take 2 liter water daily. It is always very helpful for your health.

Homemade Conditioner For Hairs


Homemade Conditioner For Hairs

You can make your hair black at home with kitchen products. It not only colors your hair also increase your hair length and give your hair shine.
Take ¼ cup of coconut oil, 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp peppermint oil.
Combine all ingredients and then apply this mixture on your hair. If your hair is extra long then make groups on your head and blend clear. After one hour wash your hair clearly. You can also get benefit of herbal benefits by adding a few drops of important oils such as lavender oil or mint oil.

Tips For Keeping the Normal Skin Healthy

Just like other skins, normal skin also need good care or daily treatments to keep it normal, healthy, fresh and glowing. These steps should help you to prevent the dry skin and also stop the wrinkles and early sign of aging.

healthy skin

1: Take all Vitamins and eat healthy and hygienic food not affect your skin.
2: Wash your face two times in a day first time in the morning and secondly before going to your bed.
3: Must cleanse your make up every time before going to the bed at night.
4: Apply light Moisturizer to keep the skin normal.
5: Apply the peel off mask once in a week to peel away dead skin and make it more glowing.
6: Usage of light cleanser, will not the strip the skin of its natural oil.
7: One time in a week must exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and get a fresh and glowing look.