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Katrina Kaif New Summer Look

Katrina Kaif is a big name in bollywood and her fan following is huge in all over the world. She is considered in bollywood as a Barbie doll. Her fans really like her beauty and style. Her fans always follow to her dressing and style. Katrina Kaif dressing always attracts to others.

Recently bollywood actress went in a party where she was looking very beautiful and attractive and her dressing was simple. Her dressing was totally summer style and those people who were there they really liked her dressing and style. Katrina Kaif worn simple red jeans and white t-shirt and kept her hairs open. It was totally summer style and now definitely her fans will follow this style in this summer. With the jeans she did not use any heavy or stylish shoe.

She just worn simple sandal. She completely preferred to summer style and showed that our summer collection should be like this. Those people who saw her now they will surely follow to her style. These days she is busy in her upcoming lots of projects. Her main project is Dhoom3 because it is much awaited film for audience and in this film she looks very different and she is hoping people will like her and give positive response.

Katrina Kaif New Summer Look

Alia Bhatt to walk for Azva at IBFW

Bollywood new comer and very cute and beautiful actress Alia Bhat will do a fashion show in south Delhi. She will sashay down the ‘India Bridal Fashion Week’ (IBFW) ramp for jewellery brand Azva by World Gold Council. The upcoming 6 day fashion extravaganza  will begin 23 July at The Grand Hotel in south Delhi.

Alia Bhatt to walk for Azva at IBFW

Alia Bhatt will walk on the ramp on last day of the show. Vipin Sharma said in his recent interview; each design has been made keeping in mind the bride who is modern, stylish & contemporary in style. Actress resonate the designs very well. Alia Bhatt is young, stylish, and cheerful and is the ideal fit for what we are trying to converse.

He said further; the designs are stylized in a modern way and are meant for young & gorgeous girls like Alia Bhatt. So, it will be a good fashion show for Alia Bhatt and her fans. So let’s see now how she will look in latest style of jewelry and people will like her or not in new dresses. But her walk on ramp will inspire to other because she have ability to attract the audience. She is also busy in her upcoming few projects.

Latest Watches Trend For Boys

Fashion is a word usually utilized  to explain a style of clothing worn by most of masses of a country. Fashion keeps an importance place in our life. Boys and girls are always very conscious about fashion and they are always wants to look perfect and stylish. Boys fashion always different from girls and they always prefer to those products which is new in fashion.

Today is telling you here about boy’s watches.

Top Latest Watches Trend For Boys
These days there are lots of watches companies offering latest watches for boys. Boys always prefer to latest style watches and these days the trend of watches is high. Different types of latest watches are available in market in different styles and colors. Mostly boys prefer to big brands. Watches are one of the most important accessories for boys.

Boys think without watches he is incomplete. Boys always love to wear watches. Some boys like sports watches, some boys like decent watches and some boys like stylish watches. If you would like to get latest style watches then you can search through internet latest watches and also you can buy online. Always buy those watches which suits on you.

Gold Jewelry For Bridals

Gold Jewelry For Bridals

Wedding ceremony is the most imperative occasion for everybody and the bridal is the center of attraction for each eye. All bridals want to look beautiful & stylish on their weddings. There are various styles of clothes & jewelry in every society. Mostly bridals wear dress & jewelry according to the cultural trends. In Asia, there is a trend of heavy jewelry & dresses.

Mostly girls are puzzled about their jewelry and dress what to choose for the wedding day. Bridals always want to wear latest design of jewelry. These days’ people prefer to heavy jewelry. It is new fashion trend now days. Now people are very conscious about fashion and they always want to look perfect and they wants other people admire them.

These days’ different types of jewelry are coming in markets in latest designs and styles. If you are looking for best gold jewelry for your wedding or any other occasion then there are lots of latest designs are in market.

You can also see and buy online. Some people are not able to buy gold jewelry then they buy same design in artificial. is update daily about fashion trends. If you want to know about latest fashion trends then visit here daily and know about fashion.

Long Hair For Fashion

Long Hair For Fashion

Now fashion is changing day by day and mostly women prefer to latest fashion and designs. When you will follow to new dresses, sandals and jewelry then you will also think which hair style you should make. Hair style is also includes in fashion and girls always want to make different hair styles in different parties or occasions.

Women always want to get long, silky and soft hairs. For long hairs they utilize different ways. Girls look very attractive and beautiful in long hairs. If you have short hair and you wish for long hair then through you can find a best way how you can get long hairs.
Long hairs are considered as a symbol of beauty and attraction.

Conditioner plays a very important role for hairs. Natural conditioner is always better and good than other conditioner which available in markets. Take half cup of yogurt and an egg. Blend these ingredients and then apply it on your hair. After two hour wash your hair with shampoo. Through this way hair growth rate for every month is ½ – ¼ inch but the major difficulty in hair growth is dandruff.

If you want to remove your dandruff, then you should try the combination of mustered oil & eggs yolk. It makes your hair soft, shining & dandruff free. When you will get beautiful hair then you can make different hair styles according to the fashion. So through us gets more fashion, beauty and health tips.

Get Rid From Dry Skin And Get Fresh Skin

Get Rid From Dry Skin And Get Fresh Skin

Get Deepika And Kalki’s Looks From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Get Deepika And Kalki's Looks From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Bollywood film ‘yeh jawani hai deewani’ was much awaited film and now it has released few days ago. In this film Deepika Padukone and Kalkli Koachlin seen in different look. They both worn different and latest type dresses which is now people want to get. Deepika padukon goes from being the nerdy simple Jane to a sizzling hotties in hot shorts & sexy saris, while Kalki Koechlin blew our mind with her hot & sexy black number.

They both did casual dressing in this film and people liked them in new look. Deepika Padukon is looking very nice in the girl next door avatar. Actress is wearing a floral dress with a blue cardigan, a pair of retro glasses & a hair band.

Get Deepika And Kalki's Looks From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

She also used white glasses in this film. Kalki Koachlin looks totally dazzling in these black sequined clothes. She is left her hair open & kept her makeup minimum. Deepika Padukon is looking very beautiful and sweet in ‘balam pichkari’ song. In this song she worn white short and red shirt and kept open hair.

People really liked this film and they liked Deepika Padukon and kalki style. Now their style is considered the latest 2013 style and people are also wearing these dresses.

Making Nails Beautiful Is An Art

Making Nails Beautiful Is An Art

Nails play an important role in fashion. Girls decorate their nails with different styles and colors. They use nail polish for their nails. Now nails trend has been changed. Beauty experts say making nails beautiful is an easy job, it is an art.

Few years ago girls just use matching nail polish but now trend has changed. Now these days girls give proper time to their nail and make it beautiful. Mostly girls like big nails but their nails are short. When they need to go any party then they buys artificial nails. The demand of artificial nails is high in women.

These days we can see bridal mostly use artificial nail in their wedding. There are different types of artificial nails which available in markets with different sizes, colors and styles. But some girls like to keep big nails. Girls mostly does home tasks and for them keeping big nails is tough. Short nails also look beautiful if decorate it well.

These days’ girls use nail polish and mascara on their nails. If you want to go any party and you are well dress but you did not use any nail polish then your beauty is incomplete. Beauty expert says always use those colors of nail polish which will suit on you and your color collection should be matching according to your dressing and makeup.

Color collection is always tough, we should always be very conscious about color collection.

Diya Mirza And Aditi Rao In Maxi Dress

Diya Mirza And Aditi Rao In Maxi Dress

Recently bollywood two beautiful actresses Diya Mirza and Aditi Rao Hydari were seen in maxi dresses. They both were looking beautiful in new style maxi dresses. Both were in maxi but style was little bit different. Diya Mirza maxi dress was vibrant & it was also fit for a beach bash. And other hand Aditi rao maxi dress was simple and has a delicate feel to it.

Both hair styles were different. Both were looking normal but their dresses were very attractive. Dresses which they worn, it is summer collection and as we all know summer has knocked our doors and now actresses mostly will wear these type of maxi in different parties.

You can also say these maxis are latest 2013 summer collection. These days’ designers design more stylish maxis in different prints, colors and styles. In maxi girls looks very beautiful and attractive.

As we all know in summer season girls want to wear those dresses in which they feel comfortable and relax. And maxi is a very comfortable dress. Now different types of maxi have been launched in markets..

If you like to wear max dress in any party or wedding then you can buy it near your market in different colors and styles.

Summer Hair Look For Boys

Summer season is on now and it is very hot season. Mostly people not like this season because in this season sun rays damage our skin. Here we are talking about men hair look in summer season. Hair style is a beauty of your personality & good looks.

Without hair men look very weird. Mostly men don’t like long hair in summer season because in summer season long hair looks not good. People mostly prefer to short hair in different styles in summer season. They keep rough and spice style hair cut.

summer hair looks

In short and rough look men looks very handsome. Spice and rough hair style is very famous all over the world. People also use styling gel and wax for their hairs. With the use of gel they make different hair styles. Short hair is also beneficial and effective for our health.

Actually hair utilize blood to grow that is why long hairs are always in require of extra blood to grow but short hairs don’t require that much amount of blood & short haired head feels light weighted. The trend of short hair is mostly keep teenagers and youngster.

Mostly people in the world prefer to short hairs.

Don’t Follow Fashion Trends Blindly: Deepika

Don't Follow Fashion Trends Blindly: Deepika

Deepika Padukon is famous actress in bollywood. She is very stylish and beautiful model-turned actress. Her fans really like her style and which type of fashion she does. According to Deepika Padukon we should not follow fashion trend blindly.

She said; we should wear only those dresses which suit on us and don’t think it is latest fashion or old. If you will prefer to new trend and unfortunately if it will not suit on you then no one will admire you. Trends keep altering, fashion keeps changing & people think that you should keep up with the times & I do not believe that’s a terrible thing to do.

But believe at the similar time, you should not disregard your own personality and character, which type of person you are, you should believe on your-self, your body type, your self-assurance level & clothing accordingly. Fashion designers always say, we should buy only those dresses which suit on us.

Color collection is always keeps an important place. Selecting color collection is not an easy task. She said further; always prefer to those dresses in which you feel easy and comfortable. I always selects those outfits in which I feel relax and comfortable.

So, we should follow fashion trend according to our personality but don’t follow fashion trend blindly.