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A Wife’s Desire: What Kareena expects out of Saif?

kareena kapoor saif

Kareena Kapoor is very beautiful and one of the best actresses in bollywood. She got married with bollywood famous actor Saif Ali Khan. Recently Kareena kapoor showed her desires. She said I want my husband Saif Ali Khan should be part of Hollywood. He is a great actor and he has ability to do any work. He is fit and healthy and I think he is accurate for Hollywood films.

I wish my husband will work in Hollywood and get more fame. I never think about Hollywood. I am happy in bollywood because I love to spend my time with my family and friends and if I will join Hollywood then I think I could give time to my dear ones.

So, I am happy here. Now in bollywood competition is very high because newcomers is coming in bollywood and doing very good job. They are giving tough times to other actresses. Huma Qureshi, Mahi Gil and some more new actresses are good. I am a normal girl and I love to spend my time with my husband, family and friends. I am happy with my fame and I would not like to try her luck in the west.

Actress Nargis Fakhri goes desi for designer Ritu Kumar at LFW

Nargis Fakhri is a new bollywood actress and recently she got fame from her film Rockstar. Recently she was in a fashion show where she walked on ramp. It was Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) winter 2013. She walked on ramp for designer Ritu Kumar. Actress Nargis Fakhri was in desi look and she wwas looking very beautiful and gorgeous.

Nargis Fakhri LFW












Nargis Fakhri was looking ravishing in a white floor-length anarkali with a thick green & gold border hemline & heavy embroidery on the neck & sleeves. An attractive ‘maang tika’ & neck piece added to her style on the ramp.

The line, encouraged by the terrain of the Himalayas, had a combination of western as well as bollywood outfits. The clothes ranged from different types of coats, trousers, leggings, jackets, wrap around skirts, dresses, kaftans & head capes, while the Indian part included anarkalis of different lengths. Lots of and different fabrics were utilized like leather, wool, tussar silk, khadi among others. The garments had a modern yet contemporary look to it.

Huge crowed was there and they really liked Ritu Kumar new winter collection and as well appreciated actress Nargis Fakhri. Overall show was good and some more personalities were attended this show.

Deepika Is The First Actress To Intimidate Me: Ranbir

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor who is busy these days in his upcoming film ‘ye jawani hai deewani promotion’ he said in her recent interview about his co-star Deepika padukon; Deepika Padukone is the only one actress in the bollywood industry who intimidates him.

In this film we worked second time together. First we worked in 2008 ‘bachna ae haseeno’. Ranbir Kapoor said; I always expected from actress Deepika Padukon to attain very high levels, but I had no any idea that she will become such a well actress very fast.

Deepika Is The First Actress To Intimidate Me

Deepika Padukon is the first actress in front of whom I am a bit scared. I thought like Deepika was not doing what I hoped her to do. That constant shock was a good sentiment. I know her very well she is my very good friend. I know actress advantages as well as disadvantages.

I am very happy for her because she have talented actress. Most famous person is hounded by rumors and Ranbir Kapoor believes it as part of an actor’s life.

I don’t feel there is any cold battle. I am loving of all the actors of my age group – be it Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Imran Khan, Varun Dhawan, we all are busy in our work, we don’t actually meet a lot. But we try & catch up at award functions & different parties.

Jackie Shroff: Sanjay Dutt Is Like A Phoenix!

Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt both are very good friends and they both did many films together. Jackie Shroff said in his recent interview about his friend Sanjay Dutt; Sanjay Dutt is a strongest man in the world. Sanjay Dutt is a tough man.

If I was in Sanju place then I would have broken. Unlucky things have happened to Sanjay. Sanju has faced it all before & he will face it once more. When Sanjay Dutt goes & comes back, he is like a phoenix. He comes back a celebrity or superstar.

Jackie Shroff: Sanjay Dutt Is Like A Phoenix!

I realize that leaving those two little children and going away is distressing. Jackie Shroff said I was met him few days ago. It was a great meeting. When I went there he was chitchat all along. We have done four to five movies together and we always enjoyed when we come together. I know to Sanjay last many years when I was not in industry.

He is very tough man ‘apne me utna dum nahin hai ke yeh sab se deal kar paye.’ Sanjay Dutt has gone through many – maa ka trouble, drugs ka difficulty, dad ka problem & now jail. It is like a non-stop attack on Sanjay.

I have no any idea why it is happening to sanjay, but each time Sanjay Dutt goes down with a difficulty, he comes back with shining. I would like wish him and I hope he will come back soon.

Dear Mom… Bollywood Mother’s Day Wishes

Yesterday was mother’s day. It is always a special day for us and we wish to our mother’s. Yesterday many bollywood actors showed their love for their mothers. We are telling you here some.

Happy Mothers day
Parineeti Chopra:
My love for my mom is unlimited. I desire to get her for a journey to Switzerland when I find the time.
Arjun Rampal:
I want to journey with my mom all over the world to all the places she would love. I would like to tell my mom that if I were to be born again then I desire to be born only as her kid. She is the most gorgeous and best mother in the globe.
Aditi Rao:
My mom brought me up alone with power & loveliness. I love my mother beyond measure and never stop to worth the life she gave me, full of free will, beauty, love & self-respect.
Pooja Bhatt:
I believe it’s time to remove the Mother’s Day cliches and swear to mom her in the twilight of her life. All parents and kids have to reverse roles finally. That is the ordinary order of life.
Shabana Azmi:
I just would like to say 3 simple words to my lovely mom: I love you.
Adnan Sami:

There’s no mature gift valuable of a mom who has gifted me with life. There are no enough words to thank my mom; nothing with which I say can say my thankfulness for carrying me for nine months before I was prepared to face the globe. Even now I want to rush back to that secure haven.

Can`t Imagines `Munnabhai` Without Sanjay Dutt: Director

Sanjay Dutt is a big name in bollywood and his acting always superb. Director Subhash Kapoor want to make third installment of Munnabhai and he said in his recent interview; We can`t imagine Munnabhai`s next part without Sanjay baba.

No one can play Munna bhai role except Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to 5 years in jail by the apex court March 21 for against the law possession of arms throughout the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Sanjay Dutt has already undergone one-and-half years of custody& according to the apex court order; Sanjay has to complete the remaining 3 and half years of the punishment. Subhash said; Sanjay Dutt and Arshad warsi are the true strength of Munnabhai series.

Rajkumar Hirani were made first two parts of munnabhai ‘Munnabhai M.B.B.S’ &‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’. The director Subhash Kapoor is yet hopeful and confident of Sanjay`s early release. Subhash Kapoor started his direction from the film ‘Say Salaam India’, which has failed at the box office.

He said; my effort in Bollywood, in fact, began after my first film flopped. Subhash Kapoor said further; I personally consider in self-censorship. 80 % of the filmmakers think in self-censorship. Sometimes some abuses in movie like in `Gang of Wasseypur` ‘dehli belly’ or `Omkara` are a require of the script & they can’t be censored.

Can`t Imagines `Munnabhai` Without Sanjay Dutt: Director

Is Kareena Kapoor Ignoring Hrithik Roshan ?

Bollywood famous filmmaker Karan Johar is making another film ‘shuddni’ and for this he has confirmed Hritik Roshan for male leading actor. Source told that karan Johar want to cast kareena Kapoor opposite Hritik Roshan.

But it seems that Kareena Kapoor is not want to do work with Hritik Roshan because in a function Kareena ignored to Hritik Roshan where both were attended. Kareena Kpoor and Hritik Roshan worked together in many films and in all films their chemistry was superb and people really liked them.

Is Kareena Kapoor Ignoring Hrithik Roshan ?

They did work together in ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’, ‘Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon’, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ & ‘Yaadein’. When the filmmakers began their hunt for an actress opposite Hrithik Roshan in this film Shuddhi, there were strong rumors that Karan Johar was keen to rope in actress Kareena Kapoor but it could not occur and it seems that, Anushka Sharma has bagged the character.

Beautiful Katrina Kaif was also given consideration for the character because she has good connection with Karan Johar and she has also worked with Hritik Roshan. But for this film only a girl requires which is seem completely Indian and Katrina Kaif is not fit for this role.

Actor Hrithik Roshan is yet to begin working for ‘Shuddhi’. But the question is that which actress will be sign for this film. It will be kareena kapoor or Anushka Sharma?

Deepika And I Are Sheer Professionals: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood famous actors Ranbir kapoor and Deepika Padukon these days busy in their upcoming Ayan Mukherj film ‘Ye jawani hai deewani’. They are very excited for this film and It is much awaited film for audience.

There were rumors that they both were love to each other’s but once Deepika padukon said in her interview; we were in a relationship but now we are just very good and close friends. Ranbir Kapoor is a very fabulous actor and we always respect to each other. In this film we worked very hard and we enjoyed a lot as a friend.

Deepika And I Are Sheer Professionals

Ranbir Kapoor said about Deepika Padukon; in this film Deepika was purely professional on the set of this film. She is wonderful actress. We are not in any relation…We are just very good friends. When we come on a film, we come independently as actors because we have liked our components separately and that’s pretty much it.

Ranbir kapoor and Deepika Padukon are working second time together. First they worked together in 2008 film ‘bachna ae haseeno’. It was a hit film and people really liked Ranbir and Deepika Jodi so that’s why now people is waiting for ‘yeh jawani ha deewani’.

The songs of this film are very nice. People really liked all songs. Entire team is expecting good from audience. They want people see this film and give us good response.

I Want Ekta To Marry Before Me: Tusshar

I Want Ekta To Marry Before Me

Bollywood actor Taushar Kapoor recently said in his interview; I wish my sister Ekta Kapoor to settle down before me and then I will do. But it is not in our hand. Whatever is in our fortune that will occur? Whenever we discover our life partners, things would have to alter.

Now she should get merry and she also wants to get merry. When she will get good partner then she will get merry. But in today’s date, there is no such age boundary to merry. At the finish of the day, what issues is just being glad. Taushar Kapoor said further; when I started my showbiz career that time Ekta was doing TV and people began comparing. Now I feel they have stopped evaluating both of us.

People have accepted and liked us the way we are. These days Taushar Kapoor is enjoying the success of ‘shootout at wadala’ which produced by his sister Ekta Kapoor. Taushar said we did hard work for this film and promoted it. And when the movie does well business then it is very good time for us because it’s time to cherish and appreciates.

My sister Ekta Kapoor is not here, she is right now in out of the country for a course. I am glad the movie is rising with word of mouth… I would like to say thanks to audience who gave us very positive response and appreciated all actors.

It was a good idea of sanjay Gupta and all character, Johan Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Kangna Ranaut, Suno Sood and Manoj Bajpayee played outstanding role. I really liked John Abraham charterer Manya Surve. He played this role wonderfully…

Hrithik Roshan Says He Has The Best Body In Bollywood

Hrithik Roshan Says He Has The Best Body In Bollywood

Bollywood famous actor Hrithik Roshan recently said in his interview; he said my body is best in bollywood. These days he is busy in his upcoming film ‘Krish3’ it is directed by his father and famous filmmaker Rakesh Roshan. Hritik Roshan said he is working on his physique for his film best look in ‘Krrish ‘3, he thinks it has been gifted with a wonderful body and would love to pass on a few fitness or health instructions to other Bollywood actors.

He said in ‘krish3’ I had done some awesome action scenes and audience will see me jumping from big (tall) buildings, doing good punches & kicks. World most famous trainer Kris Ge thin, who has trained to Hrithik Roshan get fitness for his upcoming film ‘Krrish 3’, launched a book titled ‘The Guide to Your Best Body’.

Hritik Roshan was truly impressed by it as he said he would like to suggest this book to everyone in Bollywood & pass on the fitness and healthy instructions to everybody including his admirers (fans). Vivak Oberoi , kangna Ranut and Priyanka Chopra are also playing lead role in this film with Hritik Roshan. It is much awaited film for audience.

People really liked film first two parts and got lots of awards and now people again thinking ‘krish3’ will also good film.