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Sonakshi Sinha as a disco girl!

sonakshi sinha as a adisco girl
These days’ sonakshi sinha is busy in her upcoming movie song. She is playing disco girl role. Sonakshi said I am playing this role first time and I hope audience will like it.

In this song she look like 1980 era with tight black leather pent and other dresses. She is looking very hot in black dress. The director of the movie Sajid Khan wanted to sonakshi gives her look like sridavi and parveen babi.
Sonakshi said in all work Manish Malhotra done a fabolus job. Sonakshi liked her both looks in the song.
The song starts with sonakshi golden dress and headband which bears an outstanding resemblance Parveen Babi’s.
Sonackshi said I watched old 1980 disco dance videos before the shooting. I would even watch other songs in the pride to understand the dancing and the style of that era.

sonakshi sinha as a adisco girl.jpg

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