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10 Must-Follow Relationship Rules For Happy Love

These days we are very busy in our work. We have no time to give time to our wife and kids. If you really love your lover (partner) then you should give him/her proper time.

When you will give time to your lover then your relation will strong and your partner will give you more love.

10 Must-Follow Relationship Rules For Happy Love

Every new relationship has the possible to blossom into something amazing and great, just as long as you consider the relationship rules that matter the most.

We are telling you here 10 most follow relationship rules for happy love.
1) Try your best to love your lover (partner) completely even if it seems tough not to be selfish.
2) Always think from your lover’s viewpoint when it comes to matters of the heart.
3) Respect you partner with heart and understand to each other.
4) Never argue in front of others, but always show to others how much you love him/her.
5) Look sexy for each other and do sex with full of energy and satisfy him/her.
6) Never deliberately try to make your partner feel awful or look bad. It will leave a permanent scar that can hurt the relationship.
7) Go with your partner on any romantic place and do something special.
8) Try to spend maximum time with each other and show your emotions and feelings.
9) Never feel hesitate when you want to show your love and want to say something.
10) Date with each other even if you have been mutually for years. It makes your love more strong.

Why Kissing Is Great For You(Tips)

Lip lock kissing is always produces more love. When you kiss your lover (partner) then your feelings and sentiments are increase. You don’t want to leave him/her. Lips lock kissing always favorite for men and women. Lip lock kissing is makes us fresh and mentally happy.

Why Kissing Is Great For You(Tips)
Improve sexual pleasure:
Kissing is one of the main components of sex & foreplay. Kissing gives a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.
Makes One Happy:
Kissing always releases endorphins & endorphins make you glad. If you are unhappy, depressed or sad then kissing seems to be a better medicine which will make you mentally happy and develop more love with your lover.
Reduces Pain:
When you are kissing your lover, your body releases adrenaline which is said to decrease the sentiment of pain. Try combination locking lips with physical closeness when you have a headache & observe whether it works speculates on your ache.
Lowers Stress:
If you will feel exhausted and tired at the end of the day, blame it on cortical which are the pressure hormone. Kissing lowers cortical levels & increases our resistant system, endocrine system & brain fitness. So, to the tension or stress, just steal a kiss your lover and then you will definitely feel superb.