Happy Mothers day

Dear Mom… Bollywood Mother’s Day Wishes

Yesterday was mother’s day. It is always a special day for us and we wish to our mother’s. Yesterday many bollywood actors showed their love for their mothers. We are telling you here some.

Happy Mothers day
Parineeti Chopra:
My love for my mom is unlimited. I desire to get her for a journey to Switzerland when I find the time.
Arjun Rampal:
I want to journey with my mom all over the world to all the places she would love. I would like to tell my mom that if I were to be born again then I desire to be born only as her kid. She is the most gorgeous and best mother in the globe.
Aditi Rao:
My mom brought me up alone with power & loveliness. I love my mother beyond measure and never stop to worth the life she gave me, full of free will, beauty, love & self-respect.
Pooja Bhatt:
I believe it’s time to remove the Mother’s Day cliches and swear to mom her in the twilight of her life. All parents and kids have to reverse roles finally. That is the ordinary order of life.
Shabana Azmi:
I just would like to say 3 simple words to my lovely mom: I love you.
Adnan Sami:

There’s no mature gift valuable of a mom who has gifted me with life. There are no enough words to thank my mom; nothing with which I say can say my thankfulness for carrying me for nine months before I was prepared to face the globe. Even now I want to rush back to that secure haven.

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