Health Benefits of Soursop

Health Benefits of Soursop

Health Benefits of Soursop

1)      It effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 kinds of cancer, containing breast, colon, prostate, lung & pancreatic cancer.

2)      It prevents UTV “Vitamins C”

3)      It stops constipation.

4)      It prevents leg cramps.

5)      It prevents water retention.

6)      It assists the body increase energy and power.

7)      It is very effective for bones.

8)      It assists stop anemia.

9)      It increases good cholesterol levels.

10)   It is very good and effective for asthma and cough.

11)   It lowers blood pressure.

12)   It decreases side effects of chemotherapy.

13)   It fights against diabetes, bacteria, alleviates pain atemming from arthritis, joint and back problems.





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