How Green Tea Is Effective For Hairs?

Now day’s people are very conscious about their beauty. Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive even men or women. Hair keeps an important place in our beauty. Now day’s hair falling is a big issue and people are facing this problem. People want to get rid of hair fall. People used different expensive chemical products and through these products they get result soon but sometime these high chemical products leaves negative effects and makes our hair more rough and dry.
How Green Tea Is Effective For Hairs
Beauticians always recommend that we should follow natural products because natural products are always beneficial for us and it gives us positive result. If you are worry about hair falling or your hair growth is very slow then now you should not take any stress because today is telling you here one best natural way. And if you will follow it then you will get rid of it.
As we all know green tea is very effective and valuable for our health and beauty but only few people knows that it is as well good for our hair. Through green tea you can make your hair strong and beautiful. It contains antioxidants which bring to a close hair loss & raise hair growth. Take warm water and add in it two bags and then apply green tea on your hair and scalp and then leave for 45 to 60 minutes. After 45 to 60 minutes wash your hair with fresh water and if you will do it regularly then after few days you will get very good result and you will get rid of hair fall.

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