It Is My Dream To Produce Sports-Based Film

It Is My Dream To Produce Sports-Based Film: Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishak Bachan is a great Indian actor and producer. He has worked in many bollywood films. Recently actor and producer Abhishak Bachan declared his association with the Jaipur franchise of Pro-Kabaddi, a professional kabaddi league, has expressed interest in making a movie around sports. He said I wish I could make a film on sport.
It Is My Dream To Produce Sports-Based Film
We should promote our sport through our films because it is considered one of the best ways. If you will see in US film then you can see how they promote their sport through their films. We should as well make some movies of sport. It is my dream to produce a film on sport. In India, we have not done justice to the sports type (of movies). The actor Abhishak Bachan and his megastar father Amitabh Bachchan are big sports buffs & they love football and also cricket.
When asked to him if he has an idea in mind for a movie, the junior Bachchan said: “Not actually, not anything right now. However I would love to work on that. These days Abhishak Bachan is busy in his upcoming projects and we hope he will complete his dream and bring a good film for audience.

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