Jackie Shroff: Sanjay Dutt Is Like A Phoenix!

Jackie Shroff: Sanjay Dutt Is Like A Phoenix!

Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt both are very good friends and they both did many films together. Jackie Shroff said in his recent interview about his friend Sanjay Dutt; Sanjay Dutt is a strongest man in the world. Sanjay Dutt is a tough man.

If I was in Sanju place then I would have broken. Unlucky things have happened to Sanjay. Sanju has faced it all before & he will face it once more. When Sanjay Dutt goes & comes back, he is like a phoenix. He comes back a celebrity or superstar.

Jackie Shroff: Sanjay Dutt Is Like A Phoenix!

I realize that leaving those two little children and going away is distressing. Jackie Shroff said I was met him few days ago. It was a great meeting. When I went there he was chitchat all along. We have done four to five movies together and we always enjoyed when we come together. I know to Sanjay last many years when I was not in industry.

He is very tough man ‘apne me utna dum nahin hai ke yeh sab se deal kar paye.’ Sanjay Dutt has gone through many – maa ka trouble, drugs ka difficulty, dad ka problem & now jail. It is like a non-stop attack on Sanjay.

I have no any idea why it is happening to sanjay, but each time Sanjay Dutt goes down with a difficulty, he comes back with shining. I would like wish him and I hope he will come back soon.

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