Katrina wants to be the next action girl

Katrina wants to be the next action girl


Katrina Kaif is a very stunning and beautiful actress in Bollywood and now days she is very busy in her upcoming films. She has done many bollywood hit films and now days she is looking forword for more projects. Now Katty wants to be the nest action girl. Bollywood beautiful actress Katrina Kaif has been hell-bent on doing the stunts in her movie, ‘Phantom’. In this film Saif Ali Khan and katrina Kaif will play lead role.

The film makers would always have a body double at hand, however bollywood actress katrina Kaif would say no and do the high-octane action herself. Looks like Katrina Kaif wants to be the next action girl. She is very excited and thrill to do action girl role. Now days her fans are waiting for her upcoming films and she is hoping her fans will like her acting in upcoming films and give good resposne.

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