My Son & I Are Friends

My Son & I Are Friends :Malika Arora Khan

My Son & I Are Friends

As we all know mother and son relation is always a beautiful relation in the world. Mother always a sincere friend of her son and daughter.

No one can give mother’s love and also no one can take place of mother’s. Bollywood famous actress Malaika Arora Khan once said in her interview; I have a son and he is 10 year old. He is not only my son he is also my friend. I always treat him like a friend and mother. My relation with him is very strong. He is very typical boy.

He plays basketball and football. When I have free time then I go with him and spend quality time with my son. I do lots of fun with him and also try to describe him that our relation is not only like mom and son, we are like friends and you can tell me everything, I says him if you likes a girl at school or somebody say something then you can tell me.

I don’t desire him to feel awkward to come to me for something. My son is everything for me. I really love him. He is my friend, he is my son and he is only my love. I can’t live without him. I love you my baby.

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