Zoya Jealous Of Tanvir In Qubool Hai

Zoya Jealous Of Tanvir In Qubool Hai

Zoya Jealous Of Tanvir In Qubool Hai

Indian television play ‘qabool hai’ is very popular and well-liked drama in India. Lead actor’s playing very good roles in this play.

Now romantic scenes are going to be the highlight of the upcoming episodes of Gul Khan’s well-liked daily soap ‘Qubool Hai’ on Zee TV As part of the celebrations festival, Zoya’s feels jealousy to see Asad & Tanvir together becomes evident.

It will be shown that Zoya gets jealous when Asad lets Tanvir utilize his washroom. She feels angry over it as Asad never let her use his washroom even when there were troubles with her’s.

Zoya tells Tanvir that she will get her washroom repaired so that she doesn’t have to use Asad’s washroom anymore.

However, since Tanvir could not wait longer till her washroom gets repaired she ends up using Asad’s.
After some time when Zoya go into the room to see what happening, she gets to know that Tanvir is trying to get closer to Asad which makes her even more angry & jealous.

Next episodes are very interesting. You should not miss next episode.

Qubool Hai Completes 100 Episodes!

Qubool Hai Completes 100 Episodes!

Zee TV play ‘qabool hai’ has completed hundred episodes today. Its hundred episodes has completed very successfully.

The show story has at this time reached its high point and lots of more surprising drama will be seen ahead. When we got in touch with Zoya in the show she said, “It thinks great that the show has completed 100 episodes.

Our squad is fabulous, everybody is so glad, I considered to all like my family. A hat off to the whole team from production to creative’s to actors.

‘Qubool Hai’ is going to keep rocking like this and I pray very soon you will be taking my quote for the completion of 1000 episodess, Ameen”.

Author: Neha Rafaeli

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